I Knew I Loved You

Last time we met Xavier, Rinoa’s IF…though, I do have some potential bad news…  Raelindolin’s game is made of crashes and crap, and just after Xavier became less of a doll more of a figment of the imagination, the game crashed.  Upon reload Rinoa had the option to Give Gift, but nothing else…so I gave him to Emma…and had Emma give him back… So, as of now…he’s still a doll and that makes me sad. 😦

Anyway, on to the update!

Nigel spends all of his time painting, as normal.

Emma:…That’s a–pretty picture…

Nigel:  *Sobs*  I miss Eliza and Phoenix!


Emma:  No Mr. Lefty!  I will not cook Rinoa, regardless of how delicious she looks!

Emma:  IS that so?  Hmm…perhaps that would be delicious..

Nooooo…she’s too cute and potential heiry to be eaten!

Emma:  No one is watching..right?  You’ll cover me, right, Mr. Lefty?

Nigel:  Smells delicious!

Emma:  Mr. Lefty reminded me I can make lobster!

*sigh of relief*

Emma:  OMG!  Toilet!  I broke it!  Nigel!  Fix it!

Nigel:  *Sleeps*

Izzie:  *Is in yer spots, stealing yer fiance*

I took this for 2 reasons.  1.  SimGod is a creeper.  2. Emma bathes with her shoes on. ❤

Emma:  Well hello Fry.  Welcome home.

Fry:  You’re not going to eat me…are you?

The Someones got a new house… there were a lot of Routing Errors in the House that Raelindolin built, so we’re trying an EA house.  I love it so far.

Rinoa:  Mommmy!  Nooo…

Emma:  Come here pretty girl…

Rinoa:  Mommmy!  Sleepy!

Emma:  *picks her up and snuggles her…then puts her back in the crib*

Snow finally remembered that there’s a cat in the house…which is good – ’cause I’m fairly certain Kitty Protective Services was coming to take her away.  Rinoa takes a lot of attention – and poor Izzie (while well fed, slept, and groomed) had a red social meter for the longest time.

Snow:  Kisses!  Kisses Izzie!

Izzie:  Imma bite you.

Slightly terrified of Izzie, Snow wanders upstairs to snatch little Rinoa out of the crib… little thing was hungry and over-attentive Emma wouldn’t stop talking to herself long enough to take her out of the crib when she actually needs to.

Time came for the Someones to have a wedding.  Nigel and Emma both finally rolled the wish, so I called everyone they knew to a little fishing hole for a wedding.  A certain Pixel crashed the party, and played the piano through the whole thing.  The guests were so confused.

Also in attendance were Darwin, Another Party crasher who I can’t remember, and these two:

A Very pregnant Phoenix…

And a Very pregnant Eliza.  Apparently they both got pregnant relatively close together.

(I love Emma’s hair and dress, by the way.)

Emma:  Mr. Lefty!  You’re not the man for me!  Leave me be and let me marry Nigel!

Emma:  Nigel!  Tell him to leave me alone!

Nigel:  *Waits very patiently…*

He’s a trooper, really, most of the time she’s doing this he stares at her lovingly.

Gorgeous wedding!  See that cat there?  It photobombed the entire wedding, I had some really good distance shots, that were ruined by it’s thought bubbles.  XD

Just as the two finished saying their vows three things happen.  I have a feeling all Someone Weddings will be similar…SP likes to mess up my big events..

Stuck in a single pose with a massive derp face?  That can only mean one thing, right EA?

Emma:  Hi baby!  I’ll try not to let Mr. Lefty get you.  No promises.

And we that baby…we have a few more interruptions.

That’s right… simultaneous birthing.

Phoenix gave birth to Lana (f)

She’s adorable, though, that hair style is starting to bore me. XD

Eliza gave birth to Desmond (m)

OMSG…. he’s gorgeous!  I want him in my legacy!  Please?  XD  I really do find him absolutely adorable.  Maybe it’s the normal hair and eye colors. lol

After the birth of the…twins?  Emma proceeded to walk around the house doing this every two minutes.  She really loves Nigel, and swoons every time she sees him.

This was taken to prove that Matty is still in the house… he’s just boring or at work all the time, so I kinda forget about him.

It’s birthday time!

Meet child Rinoa.

Rinoa:  CAKE!

Nigel:  The cake is not a lie!

Anyway… Rinoa hits her childhood with the Neurotic trait..because we forgot to potty train her.

Emma:  I’m having a baby!  That means….CANDY!  Muwahahahahaaaaa!

This is all Rinoa does….because the game hates her and stole her IF…I took pictures of him turning real (or non-doll)…but they’re useless ’cause he’s still a doll in game.  *sob*

This would be Rinoa gifting Xavier to Emma…

And Emma gifting back.  I really hope this works…

Freezer Bunny is creepy.  He is the only Gnome that comes inside and he makes sure we know he’s there.  Funny note…Snow’s writing a children’s book called “The Bunny Who Never Hopped”.

Because the house is pretty boring right now with Rinoa playing with X, Nigel painting, Snow writing, Emma fishing (that’s new, I guess..)…we’ll be skipping right to the baby…

Snow:  OMG!  Baby!

Rinoa:  You really made me stop building my relationship with Xavier for this…?

Nigel:  I’m gunna go paint.

Emma:  You will all care about this, damnit!

That’s better.

Sparkles!  Emma then gave birth to two babies, twins!  Yay!  I love multiple births, they make for really cute toddler pictures.  I got to roll the traits for both babies..

It took a while for the babies to show up on my portrait panel, but eventually Glitch Baby 1, and Glitch baby 2…then a third blank portrait showed up in my sidebar.. I only got to name two babies…

That’s when my screen went black and introduced me to Super Glitch Baby!  Who appeared on the floor in glitchy glory with traits and the name Georgie…

So, triplets!  I’ve NEVER had triplets before!

Meet Cid Someone.  Cid is Genius Slob. There are so many Cids in the Final Fantasy series, I’m sure his personality matches one of them!  He loves Spaghetti, Chinese Music, and the Color Violet.

Meet Eiko Someone!  Eiko is an Excitable and Artistic little girl, If I remember correctly the original Eiko from Final Fantasy 9 was spunky and love sick..so not an exact match..  She loves Grilled Cheese, Indie Music, and the color Aqua.

Meet Georgie Someone!  Who I have affectionately renamed Selphie.  Selphie is Good and Clumsy, a lot like her the original Selphie fron Final Fantasy 8.  She loves Fish and Chips, R&B, and the color Yellow.

Eiko:  I’m the only normal one here…the Yellow one eats herself, the Purple one kicks himself in the face.. *Sigh*

Cid:  Pay attention sister!

Selphie:  I taste so damn good.

Mr. Lefty:  I’m sure you all would…


I leave you hear readers.  Sleep well!



5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Elocine said,

    Babies, yay!!!

    Your post made me realize for the billionth time that I have NEVER seen a gnome in the sims 3. In all of my millions of families, I’ve not come across a single one, somehow. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Idk.

    Anyway, of all the babies, I think Georgie/Selphie is my favorite. Maybe because, amongst all the crazy-haired Someones, her averageness makes her seem unique? That didn’t make sense, but I’m tired. Forgive me. lol

    Anyway, I loved the update!!

    • 2

      raelindolin said,

      Makes perfect sense to me!

      No Gnomes? How odd! I seem to come across them all the time – or rather they show up on their own quite a bit.

      I think Selphie is my favorite too, but I do love Eiko’s eye color.

  2. 3

    I have the freezer bunny too! But he’s boring, I want gnomes that can have babies!!!
    I like Selphie the most, but they’re all so cute! Triplets! Aw! Let’s hope Mr Lefty won’t eat them…

  3. 5

    kureiko said,

    OMSG, triplets! I’m jealous, I’ve never even had twins spawn. I can’t wait to see if they pay attention to some of the IFs!

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